2020 Marketing Trends

As 2019 is nearing a close, marketing strategies and trends continue to develop alongside the advances being made in technology. Audiences are beginning to consume more and more information via the Internet. Keeping this in mind, it is essential that marketing tactics are consistent with consumer preferences. Discussed below are 3 marketing trends that are projected to be most successful in 2020 – it’s straight forward. 


In response to an increase in the prevalence of technology, consumer preferences have evolved. 91% of consumers now prefer visual content over text-based content. Additionally, the human brain has the capability of processing visual images 600,000 times faster than words. These statistics prove that it is beneficial for businesses to incorporate more visual advertisements into their strategies. Data visuals, such as photos, infographics, and animations, along with words, will aid customers in absorbing content. Recently, videos have been credited as the most effective means of marketing. It is predicted that by 2021, video content will account for almost 82% of internet traffic. This will in turn increase brand awareness and generate sales. 

 SERP Position Zero & Featured Snippets

Search engine optimization (SEO) will remain an effective digital marketing strategy in 2020. Although, consumers browsing behavior has changed – voice search is being utilized more often by mobile users, and people are looking to get the information they seek as fast as possible. Featured Snippets now allow people to avoid having to scroll through a website, since the information is right there on the Google search results page. A new idea has been introduced, known as “SERP position zero.” This means that information will appear above the organic listings, decreasing the power of SEO. Achieving position zero will widen the gap between you and your competitors, since it optimizes your brand’s content. This will potentially increase the likelihood that consumers pick your brand over another.

Voice Search

Voice search is crucial in online marketing. More and more households worldwide now contain a Google Home, Amazon Echo, or other smart speaker. Voice search advertising has opened new opportunities, like branded skills. This tactic is effective in increasing brand awareness and visibility. In addition, it is important to ensure that you are using voice search in the most successful way possible. It is beneficial to write your content in a way that it would answer questions asked in a voice search. This will verify that your information will be picked up as a featured snippet, or found on position zero on Google.

With 2020 just around the corner, it is important to think about how to advance your marketing strategies. By beginning to plan for and institute the above marketing approaches, your business will be successfully positioned for the new year.

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