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With all our experience comes a great overall knowledge of both strategy and execution of that strategy utilizing both traditional and digital mediums with behavioral targeted advertising and social media.

Our “straightforward” marketing methods and transparent results create a very personable relationship with our clients. With this methodology, we have created loyal partnerships and enjoy watching our clients grow onwards and upwards.



David Weinstein
Founder & CEO

David had a vision. When he was asked to describe his ideal job in his first interview, he knew all along that he was going to work in advertising and marketing…

Lauren La Franca
Chief Marketing Officer

Lauren is an accomplished, seasoned Marketer and thought leader with over 18 years’ experience within the traditional and digital marketing space…

Jerry Weinstein
Chief Finance Officer

Crunchin’ numbers is Jerry’s forte.  With more than 45 years in Finance, 40 in the retail field, analyzing a Balance Sheet and a P&L comes naturally…

Jessica Densky
Accounts Director
Jessica is the sorcerer of brand storytelling. With a flair for the extraordinary and a dash of creative mystique, she transforms mere concepts into marketing marvels. Whether it’s crafting compelling narratives or conjuring up captivating content, Jessica weaves marketing magic that captivates hearts and minds.
Ryan Gebhardt
Digital Manager
Ryan knows who you are and where you are. He knows what you need before you even know you need it and then he advertises it to you. He’s our secret “ad”gent man and is the reason why you think Siri, Alexa, Google, and your computer is listening to you.
Megan Gilman
Starting out as a Travel Vlogger, Megan turned her love of travel and videography into a travel brand, Megan Without A Plan. As a full-time videographer and producer, Megan created and built a travel-inspired marketing brand set to inspire others to travel and find their passion, all whilst…
Stephanie Meyer 
Onboarding Specialist
Steph excels at seamlessly integrating new clients into our agency’s fold. Stephanie’s meticulous attention to detail and warm approach create a memorable welcome. With her, you can expect a smooth journey into our ecosystem, expertly managed and delivered with professionalism and charm.
Stacey Wallenstein
Content Manager
Never underestimate the power of well-written content. SScreates amazing content that aligns with user habits, preferences, and search needs. Content marketing as a whole is no longer a type of marketing experiment, but a proven strategy that can work wonders.
Dana Salmonese
Creative Manager
Dana is the Queen of Adobe Creative Suite. We call her our Fairy Godmother (when we have to butter her up) so she can bibbity boppity boo web graphics, flyers, trifolds, billboards, commercials, social videos, and more at the flick of her magic wand.
Heidi Shaw
Web Development
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Jenna Chow
Marketing Associate
With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creative strategies, Jenna brings a fresh perspective to our marketing endeavors. Her innovative ideas and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable part of our team.
Kara Reifert
Voice Over Talent
Kara’s voice is soothing, but it can also be inspirational, cartoon-like, or our favorite, villainous. With over 15 years in the voice acting field, Kara can manipulate her voice in ways that we honestly find concerning.
Cuddle & Snuggles Manager
Ruby is responsible for warming feet, providing adequate snuggles, begging for leftovers, provide emotional support and barking at passersby who may be villains in disguise (we’re on to you, Al in Suite #4).

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