Beginners Guide for Link Building for SEO

Suppose you are not already familiar with SEO (search engine optimization). In that case, this blog article will teach you all you need to know about the importance of SEO and how to build better links!

Companies utilize SEO practices to improve the position and appearance of their website. It can help bring a company’s link to the top of their customer’s search results, generating purchases and engagement. SEO is critical for three key reasons: to boost organic search results, to increase the quality of organic traffic, and to increase the quantity of organic traffic.

According to MOZ, organic search results are “unpaid listings on a search engine results page (SERP) that the search engine has determined are most relevant to the user’s query.” Not to be confused with an advertisement, search engines’ organic ranking algorithms place organic search results on a SERP. As a result of these algorithms, money and status cannot change the order of organic search results. Furthermore, the quality of organic traffic matters. Quality organic traffic arises when the content on your website aligns with the user and their search. You could appear on thousands of SERPs, but the quality of your website’s visitors and their interest in browsing matters more than the number of SERPs your company reaches. However, as important as quality is, reaching a large number of your company’s users through SEO and organic search results is essential to success. Users are more likely to click on your company’s website than visitors. Consequently, more high-quality visitors to your web page will result in an increased level of conversions. 

Now that we have analyzed the importance of SEO let’s dive deeper into link building. Link building is an important factor in driving organic traffic to your website. It is “the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.” The need for relevant links is essential today, as many consumers fear spam websites and accounts. Not only is link building crucial to SEO, but it also stands on its own as an effective marketing tactic.

A link is a way for users to navigate between web pages. Search engines use links to crawl through pages on a company’s website and between different websites. Companies may create links to sell a product, share a story, or comment on a service. By spending time to ensure your link is utmost quality, you will increase the probability that other websites will reference your content. As we previously talked about, traffic from organic search and users browsing the web will help your company in terms of SEO.

Before we discuss link building in more detail, let’s take a moment to understand the components of a hyperlink. Hyperlinks, or links, start with a tag that tells the search engine something else will follow. Next comes the link referral location. It comprises the “href” (hyperlink referral) and the URL to which the link is referencing. The URL portion of the link can lead to a website, image, or file to download. The visible/anchor text of the link is a snippet of text users see on the page. Users would click on this text to open the link. It is often formatted to stand out and signal to users that it is clickable. Lastly, the closure of the link tag lets the search engine know the link tag is over.

Search engines use links in two principal ways: to discover new web pages and determine how to rank them in their results. Search engines browse the external links that point to your website and assess their relevance and reliability. So, if many high-quality websites lead users to your page, it will most likely be ranked favorably. 

Link building can improve your company’s rankings, increase traffic from organic searches, and has a multitude of other advantages we will touch upon now. Link building can help your company establish relationships with other relevant websites and blogs. Outreach opportunities like this can help your company become a trusted industry member, which is extremely valuable. Effective link building can help your business build a brand. Utilizing content creation in your company’s link building can showcase your company’s skillset and attract customers. Finally, sending referral traffic can impact sales as well. If you place links on your website for customers to see, they will likely be genuinely interested. Even if they don’t immediately make a purchase, you just built a relationship with another customer, which is invaluable. 

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