Can We Predict the Election with Social Media?

An increase in the prevalence of technology in society has had its fair share of benefits and disadvantages alike. Focusing on social media, there are multiple platforms that serve as a medium for individuals to share their opinions, beliefs, values, and experiences. Additionally, a surge in social media usage has resulted in a large...

Retaining and Building Brand Loyalty During COVID-19

Imagine you are standing in the cereal aisle of your local supermarket. It is March of 2020 and you are just starting to get used to wearing a mask and gloves on the daily. On your shopping list of about forty items, you already could not find some of the basic necessities, like toilet...

The Power of Personalization

The goal of any given company is quite simple: to achieve the highest level of success possible. As the marketing industry has evolved over time, strategies have changed to address the growing needs of potential customers. Personalization can be defined as interacting with customers through content or software in a way that makes them feel that their interests are being taken into account.

Using Social Media for a Cause

The introduction of social media into society has enabled individuals the ability to communicate quickly to a unique audience. While social media has typically focused on self-promotion and advertising, people now have the ability to share their ideas and beliefs. Influential figures, such as celebrities, often take a break from glamorizing their lifestyle to raise awareness toward issues that are important to them.