Does Your Digital Agency Understand Your Needs, Desires and Goals? They Should.

Trust is essential to the success of any relationship. Whether this be between you and a coworker, boss, parent, or peer, establishing a foundation on trust strengthens the bonds of any interaction. In this case, we are discussing the relationship between a digital agency and client. Here are our suggestions to help you gain trust with your digital agency:

Easier Said Than Done

It is imperative that your digital agency practices what they preach. Make sure you ask to see how the advice an agency is giving you would be implemented into your marketing strategy. Also, pay attention to how they market their agency. If they have used certain tactics successfully to gain you as a potential client, you can trust that they will do the same to help you reach your target market. 

Strength in Numbers

Ask to see what your digital agency has recorded. For example, social media traffic, the number of clicks certain ads have received, the profits of their recent endeavors, and agency case studies. Look to see what makes them successful and helps them retain clients. If they refuse to show you examples of their past projects and campaigns, maybe reconsider. 

All About You

It is imperative that the agency understands your vision and specific goals. But more importantly, do they have a plan to turn your vision into reality? Do they display the tools and expertise necessary to excel in your field? If asked, could they repeat your ideas back to you and build upon them to create an effective marketing strategy? And lastly, do they work with you before you send the first check? You are the priority. Think about these questions to ensure that the agency knows that too.

Puzzle pieces are all different shapes and sizes, but come together to create something bigger than each individual piece itself. If a piece is missing, the puzzle cannot be completed (and I know you spend hours looking around your house for that piece). The frustration of having an incomplete masterpiece on your dining room table takes over until you are able to find the last, coveted piece that was hiding under the chair. Luckily for you, here at Straight Forward Media, we save you that frustration by presenting the puzzle to you whole. It is your job to choose what you want to do with those pieces. 

Transparency. Teamwork. Accountability. This is what Straight Forward Media brings to the table. And the combination of our three attributes: Trust. We value providing the best and most cost-efficient services to our clients through these three pieces of a much larger puzzle. Focusing specifically on the bigger picture, we want you, as the consumer, to make the most educated decisions possible. We understand this can only be done through trust. And we are willing and able to work from the first piece in building a relationship with you. We promise to be transparent, to listen diligently to all of your ideas, and to ALWAYS make you the priority. Do not hesitate to reach out: for a free marketing analysis with our executive team, contact us today. We are excited to embark on this journey with you, and promise to never forget a piece of the puzzle.