How To: Bypassing Spam Filters in 2022

Marketing experts spend time and resources formulating eye-catching content to grab the attention of their target audience. Although marketers employ a variety of mediums, one of the most effective tactics is email marketing. Email marketing generates an ROI of $36 per dollar spent and allows companies to foster meaningful relationships with their customers. 

Email marketing has high potential; however, achieving high email deliverability can be challenging. HubSpot describes email deliverability as the “rate at which your email makes it into recipient inboxes.” Email deliverability rates can be decreased in two ways: if an email bounces back or goes to the spam folder. 

No matter how experienced you are in email marketing, some invisible barriers may come between the email and your customers’ inboxes. As spam filters continue to become more complex, your company must adapt to ensure all messages will be successfully delivered to your customers. We are excited to teach you how to enhance email deliverability and ensure you avoid sending spam filters to get the highest ROI.

Should you Buy or Rent Email Lists?

NO! Let’s say you decide to purchase or rent an email list of all young couples living in the greater New York area with at least one child. Although these demographics match your target market, you do not know anything about these families’ likes, dislikes, buying habits, or interests. Thus, buying or renting email lists is a highly ineffective marketing tactic.

Should you Personalize your Email List?

YES! To maintain a positive sender score, it is in your company’s best interest to only send emails to individuals who have requested to be emailed. Messages should only be emailed to those who have subscribed or agreed to receive these communications. It is also crucial that you make unsubscribing simple for the customer if they change their mind. Also, if an individual has bounced repeatedly or hasn’t opened any of your emails, filter them out to increase your email deliverability rate. Lastly, personalization is key. Frequently clean your email list and send messages that your individual customers can connect with.

Should you Use ALL CAPS or Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!!?

NO!!!! No one wants to be yelled at. A study by the Radicati Group shows that more than 85% of people prefer lowercase subject lines. Instead of trying to grab your reader’s attention BY USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, try employing catchy phrases. Furthermore, along with CAPITAL LETTER SUBJECT LINES, people also feel overwhelmed by a string of exclamation points!!!!!! To bypass spam filters, you must maintain a professional format. 69% of email recipients report a message to spam SOLELY BASED ON THE SUBJECT LINE!! We are here to help you perfect your email marketing strategies to yield the most success!

Should you Use a Recognizable Sender Name?

YES! An email from would go straight to the spam folder. People are tentative to open emails from unfamiliar senders, so your company needs to utilize a straightforward address. Alternatively, sending emails from a real person at the company can be even more effective than from a generic email address. Although this will be a little more time-consuming, it will be more than worth it when your email does not see the spam folder. 

If done correctly, email marketing can generate success for your company. Once you employ these tips to avoid the spam folder, you will be unstoppable! We hope you now understand better the dos and don’ts of email marketing to bypass spam filters. If you have any further questions or are seeking advice, feel free to reach out:

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