Content is the reason search began.

Bill Gates made the famous claim back in 1996 that “content is king.” He wasn’t wrong then, and such remains true over 24 years later. Quality content that delivers valuable relevant information is what makes successful marketing campaigns. 

Marketing strategy often relies on written material such as blog posts, informative pages, articles, infographics, and video to demonstrate what a company offers, how they offer it, and why they are the leaders in the industry.  Good content is well-written and well-researched and goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization. 

With SEO as our main point of focus, our content will organically lift your page ranking, allowing you and your company to be seen higher on a Google search result page. 

The SFM Touch

We are straight forward (pun intended) in our approach to provide the best service to our clients, keeping their budget and ultimate goal in mind. With Straight Forward Media, you will have the peace of mind in knowing your business’ marketing is well taken care of.


Any questions you could have about spediture, strategy, or methodology is available to you at any time. We strive to be as transparent as possible in everything we do and how we spend your media budget.


Building a relationship with you is very important to us. With our transparent approach towards everything we do, we are ultimately building a long-term relationship that we hope will last for years to come.


We back our strategy, methodology, tactics and marketing beliefs with an “accountability promise”. The onus is on us to reinforce what we do and why we do it and what makes SFM the agency of choice.

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