The Power of Personalization

The goal of any given company is quite simple: to achieve the highest level of success possible. As the marketing industry has evolved over time, strategies have changed to address the growing needs of potential customers. Personalization can be defined as interacting with customers through content or software in a way that makes them feel that their interests are being taken into account. This marketing tactic can make your audience feel special and connected to your brand. Furthermore, considering that 84% of email traffic is spam, internet users are bombarded constantly by companies trying to sell their goods or services. By tailoring content to individual users, companies have seen a number of positive results. Three benefits of utilizing personalization include:

1. Improved Customer Experience

The overwhelming influence of technology in daily life has caused people to be more willing to share personal information with companies to receive accurate results that associate with them. According to a survey, 58% of consumers claimed that personalization is important in determining which companies to purchase from, and develop brand loyalty toward. Additionally, consumers are attracted to discounts and tailored offers. It has been shown that 57% of customers are willing to exchange their personal information in return for more individualized results and deals. As long as your company does not bombard customers with information, developing a relationship will be possible through personalization. 

2.   Increases Brand Loyalty

Through personalization, your company can interact with different customers and keep your brand strong. In another study, results displayed that 87% of consumers surveyed said that more personal experiences online would increase their brand loyalty. Moreover, two-thirds of consumers remain loyal to a brand based on the fact that they share values with them. Technology has made personalization much easier. It is vital to utilize this strategy to develop brand loyalty through the medium of the internet and social media. 

3.  Increased Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is just as important as retaining existing customers. Factors including competition and prices influence where potential customers choose to shop. Another survey revealed that increasing efforts to retain customers by 5% led to a 95% increase in profits. The perfect plan of action to ensure customer retention is making use of personalization.

Here at Straight Forward Media, we see the validity in these potential benefits of utilizing personalization. That is why we regularly exercise tactics that allow for personalization. For example, by creating banner ads and social network campaigns, we ensure that your company reaches their intended target market. We create a campaign geared toward a certain sector of customers. We expect positive feedback from prospective customers, who will be directed to a landing page based on their demographic and psychographics. Furthermore, we create email drip campaigns that effectively use responsive design and variable coding. This allows us to use a person’s first name, their location, and their interests in the context of an email to attain positive results. If you are looking to make your advertising campaigns more personal, we got you covered. We promise to help you deliver the right ads to the right people at the right time; success is that straight forward. 

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