The Results are in: Amazon Prime Day

The notorious Amazon Prime Day lasted 48 hours, from June 21 to June 22, 2021. The goal of this event was to allow online shoppers to take advantage of a variety of discounts on the site. Across all categories, Amazon offered over two million deals to incentivize customers to make purchases on items that were previously out of their price range. Any product you can possibly think of, ranging from blenders to watches to chairs, televisions, hairdryers, and so much more, were all advertised for a marked-down price during the period. Consequently, many products are still discounted even after the event ended this past Tuesday. We wanted to provide some information about this event.

As we mentioned above, Prime Day is an event that features various discounts on Amazon’s site. Most of the deals were in effect from Monday to Tuesday, but there were some exceptions. Lightning Deals can be described as short-lived sales only available for a short time or until they sell out. To take part in these deals, you must hold an Amazon Prime membership. This would allow you to shop for all sales and get free shipping on every order you make. Some of the categories that provided multiple discounts included beauty products, home products, fashion items, and technology. Three items that experienced especially great discounts were robot vacuums, headphones, and kitchen appliances. Due to the popularity of this event, many retailers ran competitive sales during the same period. Among these included Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Prime Day always occurs in the summer and not during a holiday season to simulate purchases during a slower period for retailers. Interestingly, Prime Day was moved up from early July to the end of June in 2021 due to the upcoming Olympic Games. As a result, experts believe items like swimming, hiking, camping equipment, and summer gear will all experience discounts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Day was a huge success in 2020. Of course, our world has become more normal since last summer, but e-commerce activity remains strong. Amazon reported that total sales from Prime Day surpassed those on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, proving that this event, which originated in 2015, is essential for the company’s success.

Even though Prime Day 2021 has come to a close, there is speculation of another Prime Day in October, so watch out. Additionally, some of the sales from earlier this week still remain on the website. If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch this event, please visit the website now or seek information about the upcoming October event to participate in the discounts.

We believe that Prime Day displays how discounts simulate purchases. Suppose your company is in a place where you can hold a similar flash sale. In that case, it could be highly effective in increasing purchases, website traffic, and customer loyalty.