Think of Marketing as a Marathon To Win Big in the Final Stretch of 2020

You can taste the sweat on your lips. You can feel the heat in your body rising as you stride on. You hear the noise of your rubber soles pound the ground with each step you take. You can smell the victory getting closer. Minutes pass, and the finish line still isn’t in sight. Actually, you aren’t very far from the start of this race. You feel overworked and exhausted. Your legs can no longer keep up with your racing mind, and you remember that you forgot to stretch before the race began. Not only did you not stretch, this is your first time ever running a race this long. You set yourself up to fail; and marketing is no different. Marketing in 2020 requires determination and perseverance. Without training, pacing yourself, and learning to keep a steady pace, you will not be successful in the 2020 marketing marathon. Keep in mind that marketing is a marathon and not a sprint, and use this schedule to ensure you are successful. 

Marathon in 4 Days

First and foremost, you need to make the decisive choice to participate in the marathon. As the runner, you must formulate a plan and execution map to get yourself started. The first steps include purchasing running sneakers, shorts, a t-shirt, and a water bottle. But before you spend your money on these items, it is essential that you make a mental note as to what your motivation is for running this marathon. When it comes to marketing, you must decide early on what your goals are and what message you want to get across to your target market. Then, you must get the tools necessary to achieve your goals. This can include setting up a website and email strategy, designing logos, and coming up with content to push out to your target audience. 

Marathon in 3 Days

Once you are prepared to begin, training starts. It is going to take time and repetition to build your endurance and increase your stamina. You must show up for yourself day and night, rain or shine. The best marketers make the most of every opportunity presented to them. They are not intimidated by having to put in the work — they understand that doing research, collaborating with their peers, attending industry events, and expanding their knowledge is necessary to reach the finish line. Furthermore, they put time and resources into forming their company’s brand reputation. These determined individuals are building the foundation of something strong and resilient. 

Marathon in 2 Days

As you continue to train, you have begun to develop your stride. However, this does not mean speed up. Do not use all of your marketing resources on one task; especially in 2020 when the world is anything but normal. Online marketing is ideal for the current state of the world, so experiment with different social media sites to see where you get the most traffic. You may fall down, but you will only be stronger tomorrow.

Marathon in 1 Day

I am sure you are getting anxious now, but be confident in the steps you have taken to set yourself up for success. This is when it counts. When it feels difficult, push through and do not give up. If your last social media contest did not attract the amount of people you suspected it would, try something else. You have the opportunity to use the tools you have and things you have acquired along your journey, so do not be afraid. 

Lastly, remember to go the distance; there will always be someone who is faster, stronger, or more experienced. Stay on your path and keep your pace; you won’t regret it.