Using SMS Marketing To Boost Engagement

Marketing tactics grow and change over time. Technological advancements provide companies with many strategic options to connect with their target audience efficiently. Although still effective, basic marketing tactics alone don’t carry enough influence over the population during these evolving times. Thus, companies need to utilize various tools to enhance their marketing portfolio. Email Marketing and SMS Marketing are two effective tactics, and when used together, they will give you an advantage over the competition and create an effective communication technique.  

Email Marketing

Constant Contact describes Email Marketing as “sending marketing messages directly to your customers’ email inboxes.” This personalized approach allows companies to educate their consumer base, establish brand recognition, and fabricate meaningful relationships with consumers. Email Marketing is most effective when you send specific emails to targeted customers at the perfect time. Although this seems like an intimidating process, it is a simple recipe for success. There are many types of Email Marketing, ranging from welcome emails to promotional materials and surveys. Email Marketing has a Return on Investment (ROI) of $36 per dollar spent. It is known to increase website traffic and credibility for your brand.

Although Email Marketing is a fantastic way to engage with consumers, SMS Marketing messages are shorter, more compact, and powerful. People live busy lives and don’t always have time to read through longer email messages. Therefore, SMS Marketing is a simple way to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.

SMS Marketing

SMS is an acronym for “short message service.” It goes beyond text messaging; SMS messages are limited to 160 characters and cannot contain images. Therefore, these messages are concise, powerful, and timely. Many companies have already embraced SMS Marketing, and the industry is expected to grow to $12.6 billion by 2025. 

It is vital to use SMS Marketing in tandem with existing Email Marketing content. Here are some suggestions on how to leverage both forms of marketing simultaneously:

  • Make sure to stagger SMS messages with email messages. Spacing out message release times will ensure your customers’ inboxes aren’t overwhelmed. They will thank you for this and be more receptive to all marketing materials. 
  • Ensure that email messages match up with preceding SMS messages. These tactics are supposed to complement each other, so be strategic about what you send out on each platform.

SMS Marketing messages are compact and clever. They contain valuable information at all of your potential consumers’ fingertips. If your company has not yet tried utilizing SMS Marketing, here are some simple tips to ensure your trial is a successful one:

  • Although individuals are on their phones practically 24/7, they do not want to hear from your company every hour of the day. Limiting SMS messages to an office window of 9-5 almost guarantees you will not interrupt their time away from work. 
  • SMS messages should always include an opt-out option. Opt-out options ensure that customers don’t feel pressured by your brand and instead feel that they have independence and consumer power. The interested customers will stay subscribed, so do not worry if a few individuals opt out. 

We hope you now understand better the differences between Email Marketing and SMS Marketing, how to utilize them together, and how implementing these strategies will boost engagement. If you have any further questions or are seeking advice, feel free to reach out:


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